Dr Kimberly Jones
“Dr. Jones has a gift for listening in a non-judgmental, caring way. She provided the support and encouragement I needed to help me maintain a positive, balanced outlook.” – Dorothy R. Castle, PhD, spiritual director and life purpose coach
Dr Kimberly Jones

Step 2 | Clearing the Mind

After Dr. Jones addresses your pain, your mind can clearly explore underlying issues triggering your symptoms. Are you unhappy at work? In need of exercise? Suffering from grief or a painful memory? Dr. Jones helps you take inventory of your life and areas that need your attention.

“Stress is rooted in physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and spiritual imbalances,” Dr. Jones says. “We over-train for sports, we problem-solve, we hurt, we worry, we judge, we don’t eat or sleep, and we fall out of step with God. Life becomes exhausting.”

Dr. Jones offers a one-hour de-stress session of massage and myofascial release of the neck, shoulders, and cranium. It includes essential oils and calming instrumental music to encourage relaxation and release. “After years of experience, it becomes easier to feel where stress is stored in the tissues,” Dr. Jones says. “These sessions help silence the overactive mind. Being calm and rested allows us to be more productive as we move through obstacles with less frustration and a clearer mind.”

Because harmful and toxic memories can become buried in body tissue, these quiet sessions of release may bring up issues that require professional counseling. If this occurs, Dr. Jones can refer you to her network of counselors or other health professionals to meet your needs.