Dr Kimberly Jones
“Dr. Jones has always addressed my physical needs with concern, but most importantly, she touched me spiritually. Dr. Jones showed me the importance of a strong spiritual foundation and practice in my life.” – Bianca Yturralde, doctoral candidate in oriental medicine
Dr Kimberly Jones

Step 3 | Nourishing the Spirit

Rooted in her Judeo-Christian tradition, Dr. Jones believes that times for silence, prayer, and scripture center the spirit and create space for quiet listening.

“Prayer is conversation with God. Like any conversation, you not only speak, but also listen,” Dr. Jones says. “As we master the art of listening, we usher into our lives a deep and wonderful stillness that invites God’s peace and direction throughout each day.”

Setting aside quiet time in the early hours of the day gives life order, direction, and purpose, Dr. Jones says. “Spiritual health can be one of life’s greatest anchors. When storms come, we’re anchored in God’s peace, allowing us to remain calm and make clear decisions.”